Vegas Flush™ Online Slot Gets BoltBet® Makeover

This is the anticipated 2019 update to the renowned Vegas FlushTM slots game. Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® is a brand-new online casino slots game created in partnership with Microgaming. Anyone who enjoys playing casino games will recognize Microgaming as the creator of some of the finest online slots games available. With this new release, Microgaming aims to provide players of all skill levels with an alternative method to enjoy online slot machines. With this innovative sequel, Microgaming has created a new method to experience online slot games in a safe mobile casino.

Reinterpreting a classic

Released for the first time in April of 2019, the original Vegas FlushTM became a popular slots game with an iconic Las Vegas theme. The original game followed a typical Las Vegas plotline involving fictitious high rollers. In a card tournament at one of the wealthiest casinos in Las Vegas, these high rollers intend to go all-in against the house. What is this casino’s name? Obviously, it is The Straight Flush. This group of high-stakes gamblers consists of a colorful assortment of card sharks with names like Dalton Dice, Jack von Black, Rosalina Roulette, Paolo Poker, and Sakira Sic Bo. The original Vegas FlushTM game encourages players to seize The Straight Flush casino for all it’s worth. Players, along with a group of would-be heroes, can assist in establishing the high rollers crew as the finest casino hustlers on the strip.

Players familiar with the first game in the series will notice that Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® features the same cherished art style with a more streamlined appearance. It is essentially a reimagining and reworking of the appearance and feel of the original game. Numerous components of the game have been redesigned. This provides a smoother gameplay experience for all players, which is a minor departure from the standard formula for online slots. A simplified interface, one-click play, and multiple game pace options are among the new additions. The fact that Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® can be played three times faster than standard online slots will interest players. BoltBet® adds a distinct edge and appearance to the game, including the absence of slot symbols and slot reels, and the display of only the results of the play in the victory area.

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is distinguished by its emphasis on speed. The days of sluggish, cumbersome slot machines are over; in this digital era, why not play slots online in Canada? Instant rotations can be completed in as little as one second. Some of the most popular features can be accessed with a single click due to the design’s emphasis on easy access. The game provides users with Autoplay options.

In addition, players can cease playing at any time and resume where they left off later. All of these features allow them to play Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® whenever and wherever they choose. They only require a compatible computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Those with extensive experience with slots will be able to immerse themselves in a unique online casino slots experience.

Understanding the symbols

Wild and Scatter symbols make a substantial difference in the game’s randomness. Wilds in Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® behave similarly to those in the majority of other games. Simply stated, Wilds can substitute for any other symbol that appears on the reels. As a Wild Symbol, this symbol multiplies the compensation of any winning combination. However, scatter symbols are a bit different and are what truly make the enchantment happen.

Typically, Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® winning configurations can only be formed from left to right across the nine paylines. However, scatter symbols permit players to construct winning combinations in any direction, thereby increasing the probability of a payout.

Scatters have enormous game-changing potential as they are the only method to activate the Free Spins feature. This is accomplished by collecting three, four, or five Scatters during a run. When a Free Spins round is activated, the player will receive 15 Free Spins and have the chance to win an additional 15 during the round. The amount wagered on the turn that triggered the Free Spins will serve as the wager for the duration of the Free Spins round. Potential wins during the Free Spins round are multiplied by three.

It all totals up

However, Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® offers more than just a quick game. The game is still governed by the same principles and probabilities as any other slot machine game. Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® has 5 reels and 9 required paylines. This means that each wager has a fixed nine paylines. With a minimal stake of 0.01 per payline, the minimum wager per spin is 0.09. The maximum wager per payline is 5, and the maximum wager per play is $45.00.

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is also a high-volatility game, which means that its payments are typically larger and further apart. In percentage terms, this equates to a payout rate of 96.10% and a strike rate of 31.37%. Due to the fact that the game is quicker than traditional high-volatility games, the payout gap will be less of a factor for participants.

Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® is prepared.

Fans of the original Vegas FlushTM online slot machine may discover something new in this reimagining. Vegas FlushTM BoltBet® provides an action-packed slots experience that may make all other slots games appear sluggish in comparison. Beginning in the middle of the second quarter of 2020, Spin Casino, Canada’s favorite mobile casino, will offer Vegas FlushTM BoltBet®.

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