Time Slot of the Invisible Man

Invisible Man: A Review of the Slot Game

Let us demonstrate why The Invisible Man slot game is the ideal roller for gamblers of all stripes, in case you still need convincing. Free spins, Merging Wilds, and jackpots of up to 500x your wager can all be found in this scary game from NetEnt. NetEnt and Universal Studios have teamed together to create this terrifying slot machine based on the H. G. Wells-inspired classic horror film from 1933. Are you prepared to discover the truth? Here’s all you need to know about The Invisible Man and his generous rewards.

Invisible Man Slots: The Basics


The five reels, three rows, and twenty paylines of The Invisible Man slot game are preceded by a cinematic introduction worthy of a major motion picture. The introductory film is a fantastic addition made by the developers at NetEnt to create the scene and draw you into the game. The plot, however, does not conclude here. The designers have gone to great lengths to replicate The Invisible Man’s tale, packing the interface with animated figures, smooth transitions, and powerful sound effects. Each cartoon figure appears to have been stolen straight from a Tim Burton horror film, and the reels themselves are bathed in a dark darkness. Playing along to a creepy soundtrack might make you feel uneasy.


The Invisible Man is one of the most immersive and enjoyable slot games out there because to its meticulous design. Players are drawn in by the movie connection, but it is the game’s visual design and innovative use of animation that keeps them spinning for payouts that can exceed 500 times their initial wager.


Strategy for Playing “The Invisible Man” Slot

Level and coin size are the two controls you’ll need to access the payment table for The Invisible Man. Since there are always 20 paylines active, your coin size will be multiplied by 20 regardless of what you select. Therefore, the range of possible spin costs is between $0.20 and $4 when the counter is set anywhere between $0.01 and $0.20. If these restrictions aren’t challenging enough, you may always turn it up a notch, or 10. The maximum stake goes from $4 to $40 if you raise the level, which is equivalent to adding another coin to a win line. Once you’ve settled on a wager, winning combinations of three or more symbols on The Invisible Man’s reels will begin to appear. You can win anywhere from 2x to 100x your line wager for getting a combination of card symbols (10 to A). You may win up to 500 times your line bet if you line up high-paying symbols like Mrs. Hall, Dr. Cranley, and Flora Cranley.

The Invisible Man Slot Machine’s Symbols, Bonus Rounds, and Extra Features


The unique features are where The Invisible Man slot really shines, however it also has outstanding visuals and a wide range of betting possibilities. When you start spinning, you’ll unlock some very unique benefits thanks to the design team’s ingenuity. Two Wilds—the Police Wild and the Griffin Wild—serve as the system’s backbone. Each individual character can operate as a wild card for any other game icon and activate a respin without cost. However, if the two combine, you’ll have access to a free spins bonus that might lead to the activation of other extra features. Two meters, the Police and the Griffin, will display at the top of the screen while you play your free games. One of the wilds will fill a meter slot whenever it comes into view. There are eight meters to fill before the conclusion of your free spins, and each one corresponds to a different bonus.


Cops Do U-Turns

You’ll get three free spins with a total of five wilds on the reels at random in this bonus round.


The Fury of Griffin

There are three destinations you may visit thanks to this perk. At each stop, you’ll have the chance to find hidden bonuses that will be added to your final total.


The Invisible Man is a fantastic slot game because of its innovative bonus structure and its cinematic, engaging user interface. Don’t pass over The Invisible Man if you’re looking for engrossing action and easy money.

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