Play’n GO’s Leprechaun Goes Wild: A Quick Look

Leprechaun Goes Wild is Play’n GO’s newest Irish-themed slot machine. It’s interesting that the term “Luck of the Irish” originated in the practice of crediting good fortune rather than effort for the achievements of Irish immigrants. The luck of the Irish is legendary, so if the stereotypes are true, we’ll have to go with it. The slot machine Leprechaun Goes Wild has a fairly basic layout, with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 fixed paylines. on which a win is awarded for a combination of three or more identical symbols. The game takes place on a foggy day in the lush green countryside of Éire. Two mystery statues, one each to the left and right, provide a nice Celtic flavor to the game.

Bets can range from 20 percent up to $100 every spin as you seek out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The 9-A royals are adorned with vibrant plants on the paytable. High scores are represented by stereotypical leprechaun items including horseshoes, beer cups, pipes, hats, and a pot o’ gold. The pot o’ gold is the most valuable standard symbol, paying out 20 times the wager (which is still not the maximum payout). The Wild icon, which is worth 40 times the wager, takes the cake. Each of the game’s five reels features a wild symbol. Although they appear distinct, their functions are same. Form winning combos by exchanging it with other pay symbols.

Leprechaun Goes Wild is another high volatility Play’n GO slot. A 9 out of 10 on the volatility scale indicates that it is not as severe as some of the other new releases. When you add in its tremendous theoretical potential, you have yourself yet another all-or-nothing position. You had better discover the treasure before the clouds rolled back in, or else you’ll be going home empty-handed. The return-to-player percentage (RTP) might be anything from 84.20% to 96.20%. So as always, check that before putting in coins. Beyond combinations and wilds, the standard game doesn’t have much going for it, so let’s move on to the extras.

Features of Play’n GO’s Leprechaun Goes Wild

Scatter symbols, represented here by a shamrock with four leaves, are your ticket to the biggest payouts. Only reels 1, 3, and 5 can have the scatter symbol appear. It’s also a wildcard that may be used in place of any regular icon. You need three of them to appear in view to trigger 7, 9, 11, or 13 free spins, at random. There’s a “Luck of the Irish” component built into the game to assist players succeed. This feature is enabled when at least two scatters appear, and one of two things can happen: either one wild symbol is added to each reel, or the free spins bonus is activated.

Any wild that appears during the free spins round will remain in place for the length of the feature. Free games do not have any Scatters. However, the game provides 3, 5, 7, or 9 additional free spins if all reels have at least one wild symbol. There is a one-time limit on retriggering free spins in this manner.

Results for “Leprechaun Goes Wild” by “Play’n GO”

All right, here we go again with the Leprechauns. It’s arguable if the team needed one more of them or not. Still, it’s aesthetically beautiful in a spare kind of way, and it packs in as many leprechaun symbols as possible to drive home the point. It simply could not be any more in theme. If you were to pierce this with a pin, shamrocks and Guinness would fly everywhere. It might be fun if you enjoy games with an upbeat Irish theme. Other slots in Play’n GO’s lineup, such as the ‘Leprechaun Go’ series, may be more to your liking if leprechauns are your thing. If you can handle the games’ mild volatility, both slots in that price level offer engaging gameplay and winning potential.

Is starting up Leprechaun Goes Wild worth it for individuals who aren’t really invested in the theme? It lacks originality in terms of its elements, yet the inclusion of the Luck of the Irish motif is appreciated. When it does land, it will increase tension since either of its two possibilities is likely to be satisfying.

Of course, the large prizes and the free spins are what you’re after. If you can get a few sticky wilds early on, you can go on a winning streak. However, even if wilds occupy the whole playing area, the maximum payout is just 800 times the wager. Cut it half if you want 400 times as many gold pots on the screen. Theoretically, the game could pay out 10,000 times the wager, but really winning would need a lot of chance. The fact that the odds of landing on Max Exposure are one in a hundred million tells it all. In order to win the huge pot, players will need to see some major shamrock activity. Leprechaun Goes Wild is a slot machine with Sticky Wilds that is notable for its absence of multipliers.

Leprechaun Goes Wild is, as it is, a fairly enjoyable video game. Its lackluster graphics and feature set make it less appealing than other recent slots by Play’n GO. It may not be as good as Dead or Alive or Dead or Alive 2, which add multipliers to the mix, but if high-volatility action with sticky wilds is what you’re after, this slot will do the trick.

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